Application form collection is a job application form collection containing application forms for high street shops, banks and other retailers. Each application form is manually sourced from the web or obtained directly from the store.

Where we couldn't find the application form that can be printed out, we provide direct link to the retailer's recruitment or careers page.

Why did we start website?

We went out to our local high street and found that most shops don't have printed application forms. Shop assistants were dumbfounded when we asked.

While printing less is good for the environment, we would still welcome the option to be able to print an application form, fill it in and drop it to the retailer's local branch.

Retailers expect applicants to go online and find it themselves. At a well-known high street shop we were told that if we can't use the internet we shouldn't apply for the job.

We would like to ask the prospective employers to think about people who don't have access to the internet or people with disabilities who use specialist software to access websites. Many times an online application form is poorly put together and often unusable, making it difficult for people to apply for the job.

Resources features articles about job hunting. We aim to write specific and practical advice on various subjects which include how to look for job, how to write a CV or resume.

Broken links and new application forms

If you find broken links on website or if you find a printable job application form that you think other people would find useful please send us a link to and we will post it on the website. Please include your name and location if you want to be credited for the application form.

What features or information would you like to see on Send your suggestions to

We sincerely hope that you get the job you're looking for. Good luck!